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What Stage Are You At?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

“There is so little to do, and so much time to do it in” are the words you are likely to hear...never!

Everyone can do it alone, but a lot of information has to be learnt, applied, trial and errored (is that even a word?!), and that all takes time.

A lot of the highest achievers, entrepreneur, authors, writers, and businesses have learnt the true art of making the world go around, and with outstanding results and success.

The writer is in charge of getting the information, or story down, and then checking it to make sure they are happy with what has been written, and the message that is coming across.

After this initial check, the subtle art of proofreading, and editing should take place.

Whether the writer does this, or employs a professional to do it, is all down to personal preference, but really, it should be more about each individual doing what they love, and then passing it along for the next stage. I say this with a hand on my heart, as we know - only too well - that once a lot of effort has gone into the writing (textbook, novel, dissertation, essay, script, or legislation), the last thing that one wants to do is to read, or check, the whole thing again!

“Do it once; do it right” is never going to be the case with most of the aforementioned, and careless mistakes or oversights will make difference between a professionally acceptable piece of writing, and being laughed at, and not taken seriously, or even worse, the actual writer (if disclosed), or website, losing credibility within the first paragraph.

Some services cost a fortune, but there is a lot of competition, and different levels of passion for what they offer, and different price brackets.

Whatever you do, don’t put your name or brand on anything sub-standard, as that may have devastating consequences, but it is all avoidable!

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate, and in the meantime, Happy Writing and Journaling!

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