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Read between the lines

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

This is where the difference lies between a passing glance, and exclamation, or looking twice, with a proclamation!

The exclamation is borne of how bad the writing is, with either no proofreading on the writers behalf, or no pride in what was written.

The proclamation is how good the writing is, free of spelling mistakes, clichés, repetition, and bad form. When a piece of writing is easy to read, and clear, be it a book, a story, legislation, or information, the company or person behind the writing is accepted as professional, and trustworthy (as long as the product or book supports this!).

Messages can be conveyed directly, or Insinuated by what is left out. This is why writing is still a strong method of getting information across, or in the case of novels and stories, immersing the reader in the place, time, and situation, where they will add their own imagination into the mix, and come out with an experience worthy of the price they paid, and time they spent reading, reading said book or story.

Write, check, check, and check again, or do the important part (write), check to make sure you’re happy with it, and then pass it over to be checked, with suggestions for any alterations if needed.

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