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Writing and Publishing Portfolio

As writers and creators, we don’t just use words to describe what we see; we create stories and scenes that take the reader to somewhere new and unexpected.

We also use a lot of that creativity to create wonderful journals for all ages and needs. To get a better sense of our work, please feel free to explore our website.

Please Note that this site is still in the editing stage.

A range of our Journals, Planners, Notebooks and Colouring books can be found on our Amazon store (click link)

We plan to link them here for your convenience.

Portfolio of Work

Past. Present. Future.

Book Review

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

June 2010 by OK

Told in the narrative of the authors fable, it follows the enlightening journey of a high-flying Lawyer, at the top of his game professionally, but [as becomes apparent] at the bottom of his personal life.The time that follows Julian Mantle’s serious health scare, see’s his path opening toward a spiritual journey, that eventually leads him back to share this with a former colleague.It is a life altering story, which - if permitted - will have the reader re-evaluating their own reality and priorities.

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Thank you for reviewing our official website, with our huge selection of Journals, Planners, Logbooks, Colouring Books, and inspirational blogs. Please get in touch to find out more about us and our work.

Dorset, UK

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Reading: Everything from textbooks and Building Regulations, to Novels and Magazines

From October 2003 - present by GK

“Leaders are readers” - so the saying goes - not that I am a leader...yet!There is a lot I have gained from reading extensively, and the main thing is confidence in my writing, as well as speed. To dissect information, efficiently, and accurately, is an excellent quality to develop, as this can then be passed on for the benefit of others.Copywriting, transcribing, writing stories, fables, and even textbooks - in fact, anything to do with writing - is a pleasure that I wish upon anyone who has freed their imagination, and is on the journey of living that Unicorn of existence: The Dream Life.

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Writing: Teaching Degree Assignments

October 2003 - May 2005 by GK

It's only right to mention the very beginning of my spelling, writing, organisation of tasks, and modern day typing speed, navigation through the various software, and hardware, that we have become so reliant upon.This particular chapter in my professional life was not without it’s negatives. Then again, sleep is over-rated!Reading the textbooks and articles of the great teachers that have gone before me was insightful, and interesting, and the art of creating essays from this information, with the discipline of accuracy, and structure, brought my writing skills to a whole new level.

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Writing: Handouts and Worksheets

October 2003 - present by OK

Creating reading material, and questions that challenge individuals, at all levels, coming in to my profession, for the purposes of teaching a subject, remains one of my pleasures (I know! Incredibly sad...but there you have it; honesty at its best!).Borne out of necessity, and acquired through time, and many hours of trial and error, this particular skill-set has endured, and progressed, and will continue to do so for, no one is perfect (that was hard to admit!), and for every “thing” I know, there are millions of things I don’t know (but always striving to narrow the gap). 

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Copywriting and Professional Services

October 2013 - present by GK

Having created disclaimers for data protection, copyright, and general terms of sales, as well as legislation, policies and guidelines for educational establishments, this is an area of expertise. Using Churchill’s original charge to his cabinet, I always aim to use simple language to remove, or at the very least, minimise confusion and ambiguity, especially when creating and writing contracts and other communications.Contact me (button below) for more information, or to help set you up with the documents you need to set up your company.This may best be served by drafting the policies and papers yourself, and then bringing me on board to proofread and, if required, to guide on corrections. Collaborative efforts are usually the most efficient, and cost-effective means of presenting your company well


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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